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About the Municipal EcoToolkit

The Municipal EcoToolkit was created by the Miistakis Institute as a resource for Alberta municipalities seeking to maintain their natural infrastructure systems. It is not intended to be a prescriptive statement on what mustbe done. It is intended to help generate awareness, creativity, collaboration, and questions, and assist those people doing the challenging work of maintaining our natural systems.


And of course, it is not intended to be construed as legal or professional advice.


What is a ‘tool’


That’s a harder question to answer than one would think! 


To make this toolkit, we focused in such things as law/bylaws, policy directives, inventories or datasets, protective designations, maps, management constraints, proactive strategies, staff positions, guidelines, legal designations, education/communication resources, workshops, case studies, financial analyses, technologies, restorative actions, etc., etc. ..! 


A living toolkit


This is just Stage One – an effort to get basic information up on the site, and start gathering applicable resources and case examples. We will grow the tool box as we receive information from municipalities.

A huge thank you

We were very fortunate to have our colleagues at the Environmental Law Centre in Edmonton review the write-ups of the tools, and provide expert content for some. Their efforts greatly improved this Toolkit!

Funding provided by:

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The Municipal EcoToolkit was created by:


Miistakis Institute 

4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Rm U271

Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T3E 6K6

Mount Royal University


P: 1 (403) 440-8444


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